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It’s often said that musicians and footballers would love to trade places, so there was tangible excitement when we opened our doors to Villarreal/AZ Alkmaar striker Jozy Altidore and Adidas.

The session was for a fitness game and had Jozy reading through numerous lines of instruction and encouragement in the vocal booth, as representatives from Adidas’s American division watched on from the control room. Direction from the team was made simple via our producer talkback system and ever-important line of sight, enabling them to move around, illustrating actions whilst retaining audio & visual communication with Jozy.

We used a Brauner Phantom microphone into the pre-amps on our Neve Genesys, ensuring a clean vocal sound full of diction. Utilising the space and aesthetics at their disposal, Adidas had a two-man camera team floating around the session to capture behind the scenes footage for the game. To our disappointment, we were not asked to demonstrate our footy skills.