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Recording ADR for Cold Feet Series 9

by | Jan 12, 2020 | Blog

The new series of Cold Feet returns Monday 13th January 2020. Packed full of highs and heart-breaking lows, Cold Feet follows a group of friends brought together by life, love, and circumstance as they navigate their way whatever life throws at them, together.

The cast were in session again to record some ADR for series 9 of ITVs comedy-drama series. The actors were in the 80 Hertz studios with our engineers, series director and producers whilst also having a connection to a paring studio in London, where the dialogue editor and another producer were based to give direction across the session via Source Connect Pro.

This enabled everyone involved to monitor the recording session and to give feedback when required. We used a standard microphone technique of recording a boom microphone and a lavalier microphone simultaneously for each scene of ADR, thus allowing the dialogue editor and dubbing editor a choice of what microphone, according to scene and context, is best to use.

Cast: James Nesbitt, Helen Baxendale, John Thomson, Fay Ripley, Robert Bathurst