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JP Cooper – Passport Home (Live @80hertz)

JP Cooper - Passport Home

Willy Mason – ‘Restless Fugitive’ Live Session

Willie Mason - Restless Fugitive

Matthew Halsall – Into Forever

nDreams Assemby |

Record live as a band with acoustic separation

The music studios at 80 HERTZ lends itself to artist/bands that are having to do more with less with reduced recording budgets.

Bands/artists that are in their element live, can make great use of our setup/live space configuration. An example being, a four piece band could setup to record their album live, with all members being in the same room, but their guitars amps and bass amps are housed in isolated booths.

This means the band play together, as they would in the rehearsal room or on stage, but importantly retain acoustic isolation between their instruments. This allows for fast fixes to parts that need a pick up, if someone made an error, or allows members to overdub quickly in situ. Engineers & producers have full control over the parts due to the acoustic isolation, retaining the ability to push and pull levels of each instrument in the mix, without having to deal with ‘spill’ or other instruments interference upsetting the balance.

The material recorded can then be mixed as if the band was ‘tracked’, or recorded each instrument and build up the songs step by step, which obviously requires far more studio time.

This recording process empowers artists & producers to capture the all important performance.

Furthermore, the artist and producer get an early picture of the song as a whole, to assess where to go, or how to improve. This is essentially how music comes together in the practice room.

These powerful and rather unique options allow album projects or EPs to come together far faster than one would think, saving time and money and crucially not compromising quality.

Traditional tracking methods, starting with the rhythm section and a guide vocal is still an option, but it usually incurs more studio time.


Custom Neve Console & 1000sq ft Spacious Live Room

The inspiring 1000 square foot live space provides a beautiful natural acoustic and is unique in the North West. The room’s consistent with legendary large format studios such as Abbey Road studio 2 – globally known for its characterful & sort after acoustic. At the center of everything is our prestigious custom 24 channel Neve Genesys console with 16x vintage 1084 EQs & 8x Neve 88RS EQs, along with DAW control, total recall, automation & onboard digital conversion with MADI.

2″ 24 track & 1/4″ stereo analogue tape options

Our 2″ 24 track tape machine can also act as a ‘front end’ to various DAWs, such as Pro Tools HDX 2018, Logic Pro X, Nuendo & Reaper. We can record to tape & commit to digital in the computer simultaneously. Giving us the benefit of classic tape characteristics sounds as well as the digital domains convenience.

Session videos, streaming & photos

In addition, we can also film & or stream sessions in HD video as well as document the session with our pro photographer. This is quality content for the social media platforms and keeps the all important fans in the loop on studio progress.

The equipment page offers a full specification of equipment & software/plugins.

Please enquire via phone on +44 (0) 161 850 8088 or email via our contact form.

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