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Dolby Atmos Music & Post Audio Mixing Studios in Manchester

As we know… mixing is a key element to the recording process. It can make or break a great performance & recording.

Our music studio’s centre piece is the 48 input Neve Genesys, hand-built in the UK. It combines the best analogue design and true Neve preamp circuitry with hands-on DAW control and MADI connectivity for Pro Tools Ultimate HDX, Logic Pro X, Cubase/Nuendo etc.

We have the 24 fader configuration of mic/line preamps plus 24 channels of DAW mixing and 48-channel analogue summing when mixing, eight auxiliary buses, and eight group buses and Dolby calibrated Atmos monitoring.

Our Genesys includes Encore fader automation, Neve’s proprietary Total Recall, digital control of EQ (16x Neve 1084 & 8x 88RS EQ circuitry), Lynx Auroa N A/D/A converters, Lavry Savitr A/D master mix & tracking converter.

Please see our extensive list of high end outboard EQ and compressors here

Mixing at 80 HERTZ, or via remote dial in online

You may bring in your laptop or production computer and simply plug into the Neve Genesys desk via firewire and use the desk as you would a normal sound card, with all of the inputs and outputs the desk has to offer. Enabling quick and painless plug and play options.

We are compatible with major DAW’s/sequencers – format conversions can be done without any issues via the OMF or AAF file formats. Pro Tools preferred. We have a Pro Tools HDX Mtrx Studio system with Dante. Our Lynx Aura (n) has 48 ins and outs. We can print mixies digitally through the worlds finest Analogue to digital convert, the Lavy Savitr Gold, or to our 1/2″ MTR 12 Otari tape machine with ATR tape.

We also provide a secure client FTP upload & download facility – useful for transferring large session.

Please enquire via phone on +44 (0) 161 850 8088 or email via our contact form below

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