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Voice Over Studios in Manchester | Source Connect | ISDN | Skype & Phone Patch

Our two Manchester based voice over recording studios are both equipped with ISDN voiceover technology & Source Connect, allowing us to connect digitally & in sync with pictures to similarly equipped studios, broadcasters, advertising agencies, and voice-over artists all over the world.

Source Connect Pro & ISDN Studio

We carry industry standard mics such as the Neumann U87 as-well as many other options such as the highly esteemed Manley Reference, Neumann U47 FET, Neumann U67 Valve, Neumann TLM 170, Schoeps CMIT & CMC 6, Sennheiser MHK 40, 50 & 416  – making us one the best equipped ISDN recording studios in the UK.

Our CDQ Prima 110 & Telos Zephyr 9202 ISDN units provide outstanding compatibility with ISDN voiceover studios across the world. We can also patch Skype, Google Hangouts and or land line phone calls into the session, enabling more people to listen and communicate.

Voice to picture sessions made easy with our Source Connect & ISDN studios

Our experienced ISDN studio engineers and Emmy winning talent cueing systems ensure a smooth session with reliable results. Our voice recording studio connects down the line via ISDN or Source Connect to sync with pairing studios. Skype video and phone patches are also on head to use at a moments notice.


Onsite drinks, wi-fi & hot & cold food. Free secure on site parking. ‘Central Park’ tram/metro station is 5 mins walk away (Oldham line). Superb ground floor disabled access & facilities.

Session Prep

We want your session to run smoothly, so we conduct a free comprehensive ISDN or Source Connect line test with the pairing studio or broadcaster for your piece of mind before the session.

Last Minute Voice Over Recording Options in our ISDN & Source Connect studios

We do our very best to accommodate last minute Source Connect or ISDN voiceover sessions, please give us a call.


For the best quality, we record locally and send you the uncompressed broadcast WAV files afterwards via secure FTP. Our uncompressed audio files will then replace what was monitored down the line whilst recording.

Contact Us To Enquire About Our ISDN Studio Or Source Connect Studio Services

Please enquire via phone on +44 (0) 161 850 8088 or email via our contact form below.

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