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Audio mastering is the technical & artistic process of balancing, equalising & enhancing analogue or digital mediums to ensure the final product achieves maximum musicality – to compete in the open music market. Our audio mastering studio is acoustically flat & honest.

George Atkins masters all material that comes through 80 HERTZ. He’s been mastering for 16 years, Discogs can be found here, full CV coming soon.

80 HERTZ has exemplary digital to analogue converter choices, from the Lynx and R2R DACs, as-well as the best in class analogue to digital converter,

the $8000 LAVRY SAVITR AD-24-200 GOLD.

We predominately use analogue outboard processing featuring valve/tube gems from D.W Fearn, including the VT7 compressor, VT5 EQ & VT2 line amps. These paired with Manely Massive Passive EQ, Vari-Mu compressor, the API 2500 and the mighty Neve 33609J with original Neve Marinair transformers.

We also have a very well maintained 1/2″ tape machine lined up with ATR or 911 tape formulas, enabling tape transfers or off tape mastering.

We use industry leading ATC Pro & Amphion monitors with other near-field systems, ensuring our masters translate out of the studio. We can deliver in all industry formats, plus we’re an accredited Apple ADM or mastered for iTunes mFit studio. We can author DDPs for the pressing plant & provide optimised masters for vinyl lacquer cuts & streaming platforms. See our extensive range of high-end valve analogue outboard gear here

Attended sessions are welcomed, but our Online Music Mastering Services offers the ability to monitor the mastering session live & interact with our engineers from the comfort of your location.


Wiley - Race Against Me
Matthew Halsall
Paul Thomas Saunders
GoGo Penguin
Stealing Sheep
Dutch Uncles


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