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80 HERTZ Recording Studios & Post Sound & Colour Grading in Manchester | 7.1.4 Dolby Atmos | 2x ADR Sound Stages | 2x VO Studios | Music Mastering | Podcast Studio

Voice Over Studios

Two voice over recording studios in Manchester, UK. The best selection of mics in the north of the UK along with great sounding super quiet rooms. Experienced engineers with respected CVs. Source Connect Pro, Zoom, SessionLink and numerous remote dial in options. Voice to picture sessions made easy with both visual & audio comms. We can quickly & reliably connect to other similarly equipped studios, remote producers/directors and voice-over artists situated anywhere in the world. Our premises & procedures are COVID secure. 

ADR Sound Stages

Two high-end ADR sound stages located close to Manchester’s city centre with free and secure on site parking.

Sessions made easy via Source Connect Pro, along with remote connectivity via Zoom or alternatives.
We share production pictures with sound & an additional HD feed of talent (for visual comms). Talent can see all participants on the call, and vice versa. We can set up & distribute meeting links as necessary.

Recent clients include Warner Brother Pictures, HBO, Apple, Sony Pictures, 20th Century Fox, Lionsgate, Netflix, Amazon & the BBC.

Recording Studios Manchester | 2″ Tape & Digital

24ft / 5 meter high, 1000 square foot live room, with a beautiful natural acoustic like no other in the North West. A custom Neve Genesys console with EQ, paired with the latest Lynx & Lavry digital conversion and extensive selection of analogue outboard and pre amps. We can record to 2″ analogue tape with our 24 track Otari MX80 (ATR tape) and simultaneously record to digital too. We have a 1/2″ master Otari MTR 12 recorder, allowing for a full analogue workflow from live room to LP.

Latest Pro Tools Flex and Logic X. HUGE selection of classic valve mics, such as three Neumann U49’s, along with U67s, 47 FETs and 87’s to vintage AKG dynamics. We’re proud of having the largest collection of sort after ribbon mics in the north. We favour valve pre amps from DW Fearn, as well as many more from Neve & API found here with our extensive and varied outboard gear.

Online Mastering

Online & Attended Mastering

Exemplary R2R ladder digital to analogue converters paired with the best in class analogue to digital converter, the LAVRY SAVITR AD-24-200 GOLD.

Analogue outboard processing featuring valve/tube gems from D.W Fearn, including the VT7 compressor, two VT5 EQ & 3x VT2 line amps. These paired with Manely Massive Passive EQVari-Mu compressor, the API 2500 & the mighty Neve 33609J, with original Neve Marinair transformers.

We also have a very well maintained 1/2″ analogue stereo tape machine lined up with ATR tape formula.


We have a large format Dolby Atmos 7.1.4 HE certified mix suite, using the latest Genelec GLM ‘Ones’ calibrated monitoring systems. Fit for Film, TV, and music.

Our music studio’s centre piece is the 48 input Neve Genesys, hand-built in the UK. It combines the best analogue design and true Neve preamp circuitry with hands-on DAW control and Dante connectivity for Pro Tools Ultimate HDX & Logic Pro X.

24 fader config plus 24 channels of DAW mixing and 65-channel analogue summing when mixing. Eight auxiliary buses, and eight group buses and plus 5.1 monitoring.

 High-end analogue outboard units from such industry leading names as DW Fearn, Neve, Urie, API, SSL, Manley, Universal Audio and Chandler Limited.

Podcast Studio

Podcast studio in Manchester, fit for 8 contributors with plenty of space for a producer & engineer. Professionally treated specifically for voice recording with no ‘echo’ or unpleasant room reverb. Shoot video at 6k at 50fps with up to 4 Blackmagic Studio cameras.

High-end mics and 4x prime cinema lenses. ATEM vision switcher along with all cameras synced with timecode for an easy post production fast work flow.

Podcast sessions come with our highly skilled and experienced engineers.