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80 HERTZ is a spacious high-end Recording & Sound Post Production studio in Manchester consisting of 2x ADR Sound Stages | 2x VO Voice Over Studios | Large format music & scoring recording studios | Coming soon, our Dolby Atmos Certified Mix Studios & Dolby Atmos for Music Mixing & Mastering | Source Connect, Zoom & many remote workflow options | 5 Person Podcast Studio

Voice Over Studios

We have two voice over recording studios in Manchester, UK.  All studios are equipped with Source Connect, Source Live, Zoom, Skype, phone patch and numerous remote dial in options. Voice to picture sessions are made easy via Source Connect Pro or several other platforms. We can also share pictures via Source LIVE, Zoom, Skype & Hangouts via ‘share screen’ options to multiple people. We can quickly & reliably connect to other similarly equipped studios, remote producers/directors and voice-over artists situated anywhere in the world. Our premises & procedures are COVID secure. We follow social distancing guidelines.

ADR Sound Stages

Two high-end ADR sound stages located close to Manchester city centre with secure on site parking.

Sessions are made easy via Source Connect Pro and Source Live. Remote connectivity via Source Live, Zoom, Skype & Hangouts ‘share screen’ options to multiple people are available. Our premises & procedures are COVID secure and we follow social distancing guidelines.

Recent clients include Warner Brother Pictures, HBO, Apple, Sony Pictures, 20th Century Fox, Lionsgate, Netflix, Amazon & the BBC.

Recording Studio |
Manchester, UK

We have a beautiful 24ft / 5 meters high and 1000 square foot live room within our recording studio based in Manchester. The live space has a beautiful natural acoustic with a sound like no other in the North West. Our studio includes a custom 24 channel Neve Genesys console with 8x Neve 88RS EQs, 16x vintage 1084 EQs, along with DAW control, automation, total recall and onboard digital conversion. We can also record to 2″ tape with our 24 track Otari MX80 with ATR tape.

Pro Tools Ultimate HDX and Logic X. Large selection of classic valve mics, such as Neumann U67s, to vintage dynamics and many ribbons. We also have a broad range of the most sort after mic pre amps and valve outboard gear.

Online Mastering

Mastering is the process of equalising, balancing and ultimately enhancing analogue or digital mediums.  The advanced facilities at our mastering studio helps to ensure that the finished product has maximum musicality in order to compete in the open music market. Highly experienced engineers with great discographies.


Our music studio’s centre piece is the 48 input Neve Genesys, hand-built in the UK. It combines the best analogue design and true Neve preamp circuitry with hands-on DAW control and MADI connectivity for Pro Tools Ultimate HDX, Logic Pro X, Cubase/Nuendo etc.

24 fader config plus 24 channels of DAW mixing and 48-channel analogue summing when mixing. Eight auxiliary buses, and eight group buses and plus 5.1 monitoring.

 High-end analogue outboard units from such industry leading names as Manley, Universal Audio and Chandler Limited.

Podcast Studio

Podcast studio in Manchester, fit for 5 contributors with space for a producer & engineer. Professionally treated specifically for voice recording with no ‘echo’ or unpleasant room reverb.

Podcast sessions can be self operated, or have one of our highly skilled and experienced engineers present.