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Recording a trio of Theorbo, Viola da Gamba & a Harpsichord

by | Jan 11, 2020 | Blog

For this session we had the great pleasure of recording some unusual period instruments such as the Theorbo and the Viola da Gamba as well as a harpsichord. We were requested to have maximum isolation between each instrument and so we setup up each player in separate rooms. We were briefed that the harpsichord should be up front in the mix and so we had it setup in the large live room with the spot microphones being augmented by various room microphones including our Decca Tree setup. Next we had the Theorbo in one of our booths and the Viola da Gamba was setup in the control room. Each musician had excellent line of sight with each other and could control their own monitor mix using our headphone monitoring system. Setting up in such away allowed for the music to be performed entirely live and the audio could be captured without having spill from the instruments being captured in each microphone.

Musicsians: Chris Terepin (viola da gamba), Kristiina Watt (theorbo), Alex Robinson (harpsichord)

Composer: Tim Benjamin

Engineered by George Atkins & assisted by Karl Sveinsson