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The Courteeners – Video Shoot with Strings

by | Jan 11, 2020 | Blog

We setup the musicians and the band in our live room in conjunction with the bands regular stage crew. This allowed the band and other musicians to monitor themselves in a familiar way as to a regular live performance in front of a larger audience. We isolated the drums in our booth, we DI’d the bass, isolated one guitar amp (a Vox AC30) in our isolation booth which was then mic’d up and we took the output from the other guitars Kemper Head Profiler. The only open mics in our live room were for vocals and for the 8 piece string section.

We had excellent isolation of all recorded instrumentation and voices, allowing the mix engineer flexibility in their decision making. The band and all of the musicians had excellent line of sight between each other and the film crew were able to move around freely and get the shots they required. Setup for the session began at lunch and we were hitting record by 6pm that same evening.

The session consisting of 3 tracks was recorded into recorded into Logic Pro X & later mixed by the band’s team and uploaded on various social platforms. As seen here: https://www.facebook.com/thecourteeners/videos/515627559290746/