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Recording ADR & Voice Over for BT Advert ‘Beyond Limits: A Tale of Two Cities’

by | Nov 13, 2019 | Blog

For this session much of the voice over needed to be in synch with the video and so our first task was to setup cues for each line using Pro Tools and Edi Cue. Once completed we were then able to import the cues into Edi Prompt, which is the software we use in conjunction with Pro Tools (or any DAW) to display the actors lines on a video monitor screen and gives a countdown when they need to be performed. This means that the talent in the booth was then able to deliver her lines at the correct time (to the frame!) and to match her performance on the screen.

Once we were confident with our cues and once the talent was in our recording booth, we then connected to the paring studio in London using Source Connect. This allowed the production team in London to monitor the talents performance and feedback to her in real time.