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Stealing Sheep – The Mountain Dogs

Red Deer Club 14 February 2011 on 7″ CD & MP3

Produced by Joe Wills & Stealing Sheep

Mastered By George Atkins

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Liverpool based all girl trio Stealing Sheep have just added the final touches to their latest record, ‘The Mountain Dogs’. Set for a Limited Vinyl release on Valentines Day.

The new single marries lo-fi production with elements of quirky electronica and a wild, catchy vocal harmony. The four track EP brings together effortless vocals, enchantingly melded with intelligent rhythmic patterns and bass organs, creating a sonic patchwork stitched with tremolo guitar chords and Earthy melodies.

Championed by various BBC 6 music presenters, not to mention Sir Paul McCartney, Stealing Sheep’s tracks are beautifully honest to the band’s live shows. On stage the girls appear in Velvet Underground formation, behind two mounted tom toms, an electric guitar and vintage synths. Then a whirlwind of psychedelia ensues, captivating ears and minds.

Thanks to Mo Tucker-style drums, 60’s psych-pop, off-kilter swirl guitars, 80s’ synth beats and water-tight vocal harmonies, these euphonious popsters are the next big thing for lovers of all things rooted in fable, fantasy and harmony. If Feist, Animal Collective, Micachu, Bjork, Cocorosie and Little Dragon are your cup of tea, then consider the kettle boiled.

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