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Keith & producer George Atkins went into record in Salford’s Sacred Trinity Church, with the aim to produce a series of extra tracks with a warm, organic feel that’s at odds with the electronic album.

As Oli (‘Keith’ front man) says “We were hoping to provide some form of sonic antidote to the intense groove-based nature of Vice & Virtue. Almost like a bed time record, something to lull you into a dream”.

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The resulting recordings are collected upon the Threes EP, which regrettably is to be the last release by the band, as the foursome have decided to close the chapter on Keith. Whilst it is a fitting footnote to the career of one of the most furiously creative, but criminally under-rated, bands in the UK we release the EP with much sadness.  The content is musically outstanding – as always.

Keith’s music was and always is for both sides of the brain – the intellectual and visceral, the artistic and the mathematic, the virtuous and the vicious – and every beat of the heart.

‘Threes’ was produced & engineered by George Atkins. Mastered @ LOUD mastering. Out on Lucky Number Records available here.

Session photos can be found here.