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Arranged by Pete Whitfield from ‘Real Strings‘. Recorded by George Atkins & assisted by Sam Biggs of 80 Hertz in the ‘Jefferson’ live room. The strings were recorded for both ‘Let it Rain’ & ‘Rubbish Cans’ on Eliza Doolittle’s 2013 album ‘In Your Hands’.  



We used our vintage Neumann KM84s to close mic the violins along with a matched pair of Km184’s & AEA R84s for a stereo room representation. This captured the silky room ambience beautifully, with little to no need for additional reverb in the mix.

As well as the same room mic array, the cello’s were recorded using 3 of our large diaphragm condenser microphones; a Brauner Phantom, Blue Mouse and a Sony P48. The mics were chosen to suit each of the individual cello timbres & then slightly eq’d via our AMS Neve Genesys 88rs EQ.

Link to the album here