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This is a limited, special, self-released single which we’ve got ready for our first UK tour, where we’ll be rushing all around Scotland, Wales and England with boxes of the stuff to sell to all you lovely folk.

If you can hear any sounds that remind you of insomnia, that’ll be Lorien’s doing. As we had to get the vinyl to the printers by the 12th April at the latest, and seeing as he had to go to San Francisco much earlier than that, he stayed up finishing the mixing of it for three nights on the trot, completing it at 6.30am, with 90 minutes to go before his aeroplane took off. What a guy.

The B-side is a raucous little number called “Vampire Song,” about having a rather awkward dinner date with a creature of the night. By the way, has anyone seen “Let the Right One In”? It’s possibly the first good vampire film I’ve ever seen.

Sooner, rather than later, the vinyl will be available to buy on the internet too. (Taken from https://www.catsinparis.org/)

7″ Mastered by George Atkins