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Recording the Jazz band for Skys TV series of Das Boot

by | Oct 21, 2019 | Blog

We had the pleasure of working with Andreas Prochaska and the team to help create the authentic sound of a 1940s Jazz band for the TV series remaking of Wolfgang Petersens epic classic Das Boot.

For this session we tracked a 5 piece Jazz band, comprised of drums, double bass, saxophone, trumpet and vocals, live in our various recording spaces. We were able to achieve a high fidelity and yet authentic sound due to our valve and other preamps as well as our assortment of ribbon, condenser, valve and dynamic microphones.

The trumpet and saxophone players were situated in the large live room, the drums were in one our our booths, the bass was in another room and the vocalist was in another booth. This meant that we were able to capture the sound of the individual instruments and voices without having the spill from the other instruments in the microphones whist at the same time maintaining the line of light between musicians.



Engineered by George Atkins and Karl Sveisson.