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Recording The Courteeners – ‘Heavy Jacket’

by | Oct 8, 2019 | Blog

The Courteeners – ‘Heavy Jacket’ was engineered by George Atkins and produced at 80 Hertz Studios with Joe Cross. The band like to work flexibly, flipping between different instruments and song sections at will. It was therefore part of the technical setup to have things ready to go before the band needs them in order for the session to run smoothly.

To give an example, part of the schedule was to multitrack guitar and bass but the order in which to record the two instruments had not yet been decided.

To make things easier for the producer and band we set up an array of bass and guitar amplifiers with a choice of microphone and preamp options ready to go so that quick decisions could be made on the fly and to ensure the creative flow was not interrupted.

MUSICIANS: Liam Fray, Daniel Conan Moores, Michael Campbell,

PRODUCER: Joseph Cross

Engineered by George Atkins and assisted by Karl Sveisson.