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Recording ADR for ‘Barclays App | Spending feature’ TV AD

by | Oct 7, 2019 | Blog

The actor was situated in one of the 80 Hertz ADR booths whist receiving direction from the production team based at a second studio in London.

We connected to the paring studio using Source Connect (a software based technology that allows audio to stream back and forth from our DAW over the internet to a paring studio(s) based anywhere in the world), the production team were then able to feedback to the actor in realtime.

After the session we then sent the recorded audio as a high resolution audio file to the relevant parties via secure means over the internet.

At the setup phase, prior to the actor arriving and prior to connecting to the paring studio, we recognized that In order for this session to run a little easier there would be a benefit to creating some additional cue in points to assist the actor in delivering their lines.  In order to do this we used the ‘Edicue’ and ‘Ediprompt’ software.

Once completed we found that the cue in points we had created allowed the actor to sync to picture more easily and with more confidence.