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We recently welcomed back the Mercury Music Prize nominated alt jazz trio GoGo Penguin. Producer/engineer Brendon Williams & fellow member of GoGo Penguin Joe Resier. They set about mixing the 3rd studio record in analog across our 48 input channel AMS Neve Genesys console.

Brendon & Joe were keen to capturing the ambience and sonic character of the 80 Hertz live room, using it as a reverb chamber during the mixing stage. We setup various speakers around the live room, along with three of our Telefunken ELA-M260 in a decca tree array. The setup quickly became a big part of the mixing process and was widely used across the album.

The band later decided to record two tracks for the album and bought in a Schimmel grand piano into the 80 Hertz Live Room which was recorded using two of our Telfunken ELA-M260 and our Manley Reference as a mono option. We recorded the drums in our drum booth with a video feed into the vocal booth where we had the double bass setup maintaining complete isolation between the instruments but still allowing for line of sight and interaction when recording.