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Scoring-to-picture session for indie filmmaker Thomas Patrick’s latest short film ‘Kaleidoscope’. Thomas had enlisted the help of Humble Soul artist Denis Jones to compose and perform a score, live to picture. Denis’ score was written entirely for piano, with ambient sections that demanded the lush reverb that our live room provides. This huge room (1000-square feet, 28-foot ceilings) makes a perfect scoring stage, with the white walls conveying a very impressive sense of space whilst also being the perfect backdrop for projections.

Film Scoring Stage

We used a matched pair of Neumann KM-184s, placed equidistantly from middle C. The impressively low noise floor of these microphones makes them perfect for softer, sustained passages, of which this score had many. We ran these through our Manley Massive Passive EQ, to sculpt and shape the sound to taste. To reinforce the lower register, we used a Coles 4038 behind the piano, whilst a Sennheiser MKH-40 captured the reverb in the room.

It was a pleasure to sit back and listen as Denis & Thomas played around with the score, and watch as the final piece of the film was put into place. ‘Kaleidoscope’ (kaleidoscopefilm.co.uk).

WON: Amsterdam Film Festival 2013 – World Cinema: Student

WON: RTS Regional Student Award – Best Fiction or Drama Production
OFFICIAL SELECTION: London Short Film Festival 2013