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Our ISDN lines & patchable telephone lines allows us to handle a diverse range of jobs, including live radio interviews, voiceover sessions and dialogue replacement. We had an enjoyable, not to mention hectic, session when ex Hollyoaks actress Kelly-Marie Stewart came into the studio to do 14 interviews with different radio stations, all in the space of a few hours.

The majority of these interviews were to be broadcast live, with stations that included the BBC and LBC who reach over a million listeners. No pressure?! The interviews were to discuss the problems that wheelchair users have in finding clean, hygienic toilets and a new Wheelmate app that aims to find the nearest accessible toilet.

Radio stations dialed into us & we routed the radio presenters voice to the actors/talent & sent their response to the radio station, allowing two-way communication between people with very little delay at reliably good quality.

Even with the tight schedule and timings, the session went smoothly: a testament to the versatile infrastructure in place at 80 Hertz.

We wish Kellie-Marie Stewart & the Wheelmate app all the best in their efforts.