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About this course

A hands-on course for radio producers who wish to expand their knowledge of the technical side of programme making and enhance their programme making skills. This course will provide producers with the skills needed to confidently record dialogue, mix programmes & deliver programmes that meet industry standards.

Skills & Equipment Required

Previous experience of programme making within the UK radio and audio industry is required.

Equipment required:

A pair of headphones.

A laptop computer running a DAW such as Pro Tools or Reaper (Trial versions of DAWs are available and full instructions on installation will be provided prior to the commencement of the course.)

Desirable: A portable recording device or smartphone with audio recording app.


2 days

Day 1

Practical recording techniques.

Microphone types.

Using common audio hardware devices.

Correct microphone placement for the best audio recordings.

Best practise for monitoring recordings.

Noise, environment and audibility in a real recording situations.

The importance of recording wild-track.

New technologies for recordings.

Recording via Skype/FaceTime.

Understanding file formats.

The first half of the day will be theoretical, the second half will include using digital recorders to record audio. This audio will be used to create a short feature on day 2.

Day 2

Audio editing.

File Management.

Best methods for speech editing.

Mono and stereo compatibility.

Mixing. Using effects (reverb, compression, EQ etc.)

Meeting industry delivery specs Troubleshooting

Practically this day will consist of DAW training and using library sounds and recordings from day 1, a short feature will be mixed to industry standard delivery specifications.


By the end if the course you will be able to:

Plan, record, edit, structure and mix advance features (presenter-ledor montage).

Choose the correct microphone and technique for the desired sound.

Capture high quality location recordings.

Understand and be confident using common audio effects,compression, reverb, EQ etc.

Create audio content that meets industry delivery specifications.

Learn skills related to understanding and exploiting the potential of changing and emerging digital technology.


80 Hertz Studios @ The Sharp Project | Thorp Road | Manchester | M40 5BJ


8th & 9th November 2014



Course leaders

Eloise Whitmore:

Eloise has been working in sound for 15 years and started her career in BBC Radio Drama. She now works collaboratively with Independent Production Companies, creating drama and documentaries broadcast on all the BBC networks. Clients include Sparklab Productions, Somethin Else, Red Productions and the BBC. She is based at 80hertz music studios, part of the Sharp Project, a Manchester council initiative for digital entrepeneurs and production companies. Eloise has won several awards including Sonys for RIP Boy (2011) and My Boy (2013), and the BBC Audio Drama award for The Lost Honour of Katherina Blum (2013). All were broadcast on BBC Radio 4. In 2013 the Radio Academy awarded Eloise Best Sound Designer and the prestigious Producer of the Year.

Tony Churnside:

Tony is a Creative Technologist, Producer. He is internationally recognised as an expert in cross platform content creation, and specialises in producing unique and inventive audio experiences from conception to delivery. Tony is an expert in developing production workflows that deliver both traditional linear media and flexible, responsive and interactive new media experiences that work across different connected devices in different environments. He is an author of over 10 international technical publications and has presented at over 30 international conferences. He has written articles for publications such as Broadcast, Television and iTech and has appeared in various media, including BBC News, Sky News, ITN, NPR, BBC Radio 4 and BBC World Service talking about the future of media.

George Atkins:

George works both in the music, sound design and audio post production domain. George is regularly involved with major & indy label artists (Lilly Allen & Wil.i.am) to Hollywood features films (After Earth, Heart of the Sea, Guardians of the Galaxy) & TV productions (Fresh Meat, Doctor Who, Game of Thrown’s & Vikings) as an ADR & VO mixer. George is also involved in all of 80 Hertz’s sound design jobs for video games & TV adverts. George founded 80 Hertz Studios in 2005, he’s since built a strong client base throughout the UK & internationally by a ruthless commitment to quality output and selfless client relations.

This course needs a minimum of four and maximum of eight people to run. Cancellations made more than two weeks prior to the course date incur no charge. Cancellations made in the last two weeks before the course date will incur a 50% course fee. Late cancellations or non-attendance on the day will be charged at the full course fee.