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Paddy Steer and Tony Burnside have now amassed a sizable back catalogue of releases under the moniker HOMELIFE .

It’s almost a home recording experiment that grew into an orchestra, gathering in some of Manchester’s finest musicians, one by one, to create the work with a craftsman’s care.

Then with equal attention to detail to recreate the music and take it on tour: a labour of love which continued for several years.

“The world of the exotic lives in the imagination, a way of looking at the world. A useful way of coping now we live on Google Earth, mapped and finite, a shrunken head. More than an interlude, Homelife have painted an Exotic English landscape. An urban crust on heathen clay, the village green from tower blocks. The tower blocks seen distant from green hill sides, Pagan pylons bathed in antiseptic sunlight fingers. Bright moulds, vines and blooms on Victorian iron decay. Feel the sandstone turn to limestone, rock of ages, dirty flags, caves of blue john, land of lakes and red brick evening glow.

Exotic Interlude is a mature work, slow brewed. The music is both ethereal yet earthy, with heavy use of acoustic timbres, swarms of coloured percussion, bulbous synths and fresh use of languid Hawaiian guitar. A timeless English summer of a record.” Graham Massey, June 2009

Album mastered By George Atkins. Available here on Humble Soul Records