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Aquarelle Guitar Quartet | 'Cuatro'

Following 4 days of tracking in April/May this year Aquarelle have released a sneak preview of their fourth studio album on Chandos Records ‘Cuatro’ recorded live at 80 HERTZ. The record features 4 tracks and a sneak preview of them recording can be seen here: 

[youtube width=”960″ height=”469″]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s8q4vRkH9sY[/youtube]

Recorded using 4 of our KM184s as the close mic’s. For the Decca tree we used AKGs C414’s to capture the room ambience and a natural balance of the Guitar Quartet dynamics all through our AMS Neve Genesys with onboard 88rs and 1074 EQ.  We also had a XY stereo setup of our AEA R84 ribbons in front of the quartet to offer a smoother, full bodied sound to the mix if needed. 

Produced, recorded & mixed by Mark White, assisted by George Atkins & Sam Biggs. 

The disc features the music of Spain, and though not in every case by a Spaniard, each piece is Spanish at heart. Spain is the spiritual home of the classical guitar, and its music makes an irreplaceable contribution to the repertoire of the instrument. From the gentile genteel excitement of Fernando Sor’s virtuosic compositions to the passionate improvisations of the gypsy flamenco tradition, the guitar has deeply influenced the musical history of Spain. So vibrant is Spanish music that composers throughout the world have paid tribute to it with their own compositions — pastiches of the Spanish style.Cuatro begins with an inspired arrangement of Fernando Sor’s Grand Solo, made by the legendary Sergio Assad. This is followed by William Kanengiser’s marvellous arrangement of Capricio Espagnol – one of the most colourful pieces of the orchestral repertoire and one that lends itself beautifully to interpretation on the guitar. It is then our huge privilege to premier on Cuatro a new arrangement by David Roe of La Vega, by Isaac Albeniz. The album concludes with Ian Krouse’s epic tribute to musical theme ‘La Folia’…Folías.